JackHanser-small“In 2002 David joined me as President of NuVo Technologies.  We shook on an agreement to grow the business in five years from $1.9M to $20M.  We achieved that goal in 2007!  Every year was highly profitable and he built a strong team through leadership.  This was only outdone by his leadership in orchestrating a successful exit strategy in 2012”

Jack Hanser, Chairman, Hanser Music Group


BobSathe small“David brings a capacity to operate a company and has a unique set of skills that in my opinion rarely resides in one executive. He has remarkable leadership skills as well as a great attention to detail. He took Nuvo as basically a start up and grew it to over 25 million in sales in 5 years. He did this and managed his expenses while competing against companies that had many times more resources for R & D and promotion. David Rodarte is an extraordinary talent that has unparalleled executive skills.”

Robert B. Sathe, MCF Advisors


leroux_p[1]“David has been a dedicated, hardworking, and loyal individual.  He has shown that he is highly achievement oriented individual while being appropriately “people sensitive”.  David has been an outstanding team player as the Vice President and General Manager of the NuVo Division of Legrand Home Systems and has always acted as a consummate professional.” Click here to read the full reference letter

Philip LeRoux, Senior Vice President Human Resources, Legrand North America


Tony_Schneider_small“One of the great rewards of my career is that I get to work with outstanding leaders and the teams, and cultures, they have built. Through my middle market merger and acquisition and capital raising activities over the past 30 years, I have been blessed to work with some very talented groups. No team was more impressive than the union of talent I encountered at NuVo Technologies in 2012 and there is no doubt in my mind the achievements of NuVo were a direct result of the leadership of David Rodarte.”

      Anthony L. Schneider, Senior Vice President, BKD Corporate Finance, LLC


Howard Gladstone“I engaged David to advise me on ways to accelerate the growth for Torus Power.  His first advice was for us to clearly define our target markets and refine our sales strategies.  Through a team approach he led us through a strategic planning process that generated a focused short and long term plan for growth.  David’s thorough review of our company and customers, review of the marketplace, and keen business sense has brought high value to me and my company.  I feel he is an intimate part of our team.”

Howard Gladstone, Owner and CEO, Torus Power


Strategic Coach Darcy Bien small“I worked with David Rodarte for over ten years and watched him take NuVo from about $5 Million to $20 Million over a span of 5 years. His company was one of my first true client success stories and this is largely due to David’s “level 5” style.  It is not easy to find someone who recognizes the importance of building a great culture while consistently growing a company.  David is amazing at both.  

Darcy Bien, Master Strategist, Partners in Change


Doug Fikse B -519_small“I would like to recommend Mr. David Rodarte as a consultant and business leader in the Home Systems industry having personally spent the last year as his direct manager and previously as a business colleague. I have known David for about eight years as the leader of NuVo Technologies and as an active member in the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). David’s company was actually a competitor of ours yet we actively pursued a relationship with David and the Hanser Group, majority owners of the business. We admired the passion David had in the industry and the leadership roles he took on behalf of the CEA. I was also there when he received the prestigious CEA TechHome Leadership Award in 2008 joining a small group of industry pioneers building this new market. During this period we actually tried to acquire David’s company twice before we were finally successful in November of 2012. During this final acquisition period and the year following I got to know David well as we worked together to integrate the businesses, protect the assets of NuVo Technologies and to grow the business building on a outstanding business plan previously put in place by David and his team. David lead his team with integrity, clearly outlining what we would be doing while continuing to build up the overall strategy of Legrand as the acquiring company. This is difficult to do when you have to make some decisions which negatively affect some of the team members who helped you build the company. David was the ultimate professional whether communicating to this group or up to the leadership at Legrand. I have found David to make clear, logical decisions and to be able to communicate these decisions with confidence. His team and those around him look to him to lead and he never fails at taking that role and driving forward. It is with great regret that David has moved on from Legrand but we know that we will continue to have a future business relationship and a continued friendship.”

Douglas A. Fikse, President, Vantage Controls



Christopher LaMothe head shot small“David Rodarte has served with wise counsel on the Board of Directors of Sherry Laboratories LLC for eight years. In that time the company experienced record growth and success. He was instrumental in the strategy development of the company and its eventual successful sale to a strategic competitor. David was a catalyst in this success and is a remarkable leader with significant skills, insights and character.”

Christopher LaMothe, CEO, Sherry Laboratories


john-shalam copy“I have the highest respect for David, he’s an asset to the consumer electronics industry, and to the CEA, and I’m happy to consider him as a friend and associate.”

John Shalam, Chairman of the Board, Voxx International Corporation



B. Stewart thumbnail“David didn’t come in here wearing a suit and carrying a black briefcase. He came in and listened. I could have hired a facilitator in our marketplace, but they would not have dug in with my executive team and really been a trusted advisor. I guarantee you we would not be this far along without his service.”

Bill Stewart, CEO, Petra Industries



Steve Nolan“David’s strong positive approach, combined with the insightful and knowledgeable information he helped us gather, resulted in a very clear and focused plan, which rallied our team into action. We are convinced that thanks to our relationship with David, our increased success is not in doubt. His approach is inclusive, structured, and methodical. It is a pleasure working with David.”

Steve Nolan, President, Torus Power, Plitron Manufacturing


John Galante“David Rodarte is a leader that offers a rare combination of visionary drive and emotional intelligence. He’s an expert on strategy, sales, marketing and execution. He’s an astute listener. Most of all, he knows how to get maximum effort and creative, emotional engagement from the people who work for and with him through his extraordinarily generous, congenial and gentlemanly nature.”

John Galante, President, AE Ventures