Coaching and guiding CEOs on how to plan (or pre-plan) a strategy for exit, and help with optimizing your business for sale, now or in the near future.


Strategic Planning Key Steps


Strategic Planning End Game Calculator


Whether you’re looking to sell your business in six months or several years down the road, you need to make a mental and operational switch: from day-to-day business as usual to intentionally running your business with an end goal in mind. Moving forward, what steps do you need to take in order to get an exit strategy in place? How do you build on what you have, maximize the value, and achieve buy-in from your executive team to create a win-win situation? How do you tackle something that can feel as unwieldy as succession planning?


At ChangingVelocity, we have several ways of helping CEOs maximize the value of the company. Not only does ChangingVelocity founder and principal David Rodarte draw on his personal experience of preparing companies for acquisition, he has been accredited as a Certified Strategic Planner by Darcy Bien of Partners in Change. David combines a best practice strategic process with proven techniques for increasing profit and growing market share to help companies achieve above-market multiples of EBITDA at time of acquisition.

An exit strategy advisor, David dives deep with CEOs to dig into this structured process and advise along the way. That combination of strategic facilitation and targeted executive coaching will help you and your team:

  • Operate with clear goals in mind.
  • Increase speed of decision making.
  • Utilize resources effectively.
  • Achieve consistent profitability and positive cash flow.
  • Attain peace of mind, knowing that there is a plan in place.

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