Sales Process Planning and Execution

Advanced coaching, training, and market focus of sales teams to yield increased sales and long term customer loyalty.

The general focus for sales training is on Prospecting, Qualifying, Proposing and Closing. Yet the key to a top notch sales team lies in rising significantly above the basics. Your solutions and service must deliver exceptional value that will solidify your client relationships and block any competitors from entry. This is achieved by grooming high performance sellers who strategize and plan proactively prior to laying down a proposal. Their strategies win because they have completed the homework on their prospects, listened and identified critical needs, and responded with highly effective solutions.

David Rodarte’s proven sales management techniques are the result of best practice selling methods combined with years of leading motivated teams of professional sellers. Through his unique experience David developed an advanced level of account qualification and presentations called Structured Thought Process Selling (STPS). STPS is effective in both long cycle large account campaigns as well as the individual sales call. In the STPS approach, sellers take a methodical approach to uncovering needs prior to presenting and proposing. This is reinforced by salesperson awareness of the three separate mindsets needed for effectiveness.

  • Thinking:David Speaking with Startups at Cintrifuse
    • Have I researched the potential customer?
    • What is the background of the prospect I am about to call?
    • What will I accomplish in this sales call?
  • Listening:
    • What are the prospect’s problems and objectives?
    • Did I restate the problems and objectives correctly?
    • Where am I in the process? Should I be listening or advocating?
  • Advocating:
    • My communication recognizes client problems and needs
    • The proposal solves stated problems
    • My solutions advance the customer business objectives

STPS also leans heavily on goal setting, both in the overall approach to landing a new account as well as each individual customer action step.

  • What are my minimum and maximum goals for this appointment?
  • Am I advancing on our strategy with this account?

This discipline encourages sales leaders and individual sellers to reflect after each customer engagement.

  • How can we improve?
  • What could we have done differently?
  • What’s our next step?

If you want to increase sales revenue and profitably with continuous traction consider contacting David Rodarte to learn how he can elevate your sales team.