Insight to manage, market, and prepare your company to achieve its goals during the acquisition process.

Investment by Deal SizeOnce acquisition is on the table as a concrete goal, how do you attract private equity firms and strategic buyers to a company your size? What can you leverage to meet your goals during the acquisition process? How do you showcase the value, when buyers often have a hard time discovering the performance and strategic advantage of acquiring companies with under $5,000,000 in EBITDA?

The problem is simple: private equity firms and strategic buyers have to spend the same amount of effort and resources for a small transaction as a large one. This works against mid-sized companies. Yet, you may be the perfect add-on for a private equity fund or a synergistic buyer looking to increase market share or rapidly accelerate growth through innovation.

ChangingVelocity provides a solution, in the form of tools to help you optimize profitability, demonstrate high performance business practices, and archive documentation to reduce due diligence efforts during the acquisition process. A seasoned business growth advisor with experience in helping companies maximize value for acquisition, David Rodarte knows that strategic buyers, private equity companies, and venture funds want well-organized enterprises with strong management, consistent past performance, and clear executable plans for growth. That’s why David provides clients with a proven process for business acceleration. Through his connections and matchmaking abilities, David also helps companies in their search for the right buyer, bringing parties together when appropriate.

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