Instead of following in his dad’s footsteps and becoming a doctor, David Rodarte thought he might start with horticulture. Ultimately, his career trajectory took him to a place very different than he could have imagined. But he’s never been afraid to follow a path, and connect the dots as he goes.


Strategizing with Growth and the Endgame in Mind

11_StrategyConnecting all those dots along the way has led David to start ChangingVelocity. A boutique consulting firm that helps companies take business to the next level, ChangingVelocity is literally about helping businesses change their velocity. Having grown and then successfully sold a consumer electronics company, David is especially strong in exit strategies, business strategic planning, and growth strategies for mid-size companies. Specifically, he helps businesses to optimize through documented strategic planning, and he helps them adopt high performance processes and practices not typical for mid-sized businesses. In addition, he has a wealth of experience in the areas of global go-to-market strategies for consumer electronics companies. In fact, David has become the region’s top consumer electronics expert, as well as a sought-after business growth consultant for CEOs strategizing on succession planning.


Consumer Electronics Expertise

David headshot NuVo Technologies After graduating from The Ohio State University, David started his career selling landscape architectural services and contracting. He then migrated to the office furniture industry—working for companies such as Loth and Miami Business Interiors. During those years, he went through Masters level courses in effective teaming, creative thinking, and business organizational effectiveness. David learned the importance of good process: but more than that, he learned about what motivates people, and how to build teams and work together to reach goals.

After 15 years in the office furniture industry, David was eager for something new, and found it in a boutique consumer electronics business he joined. He was able to sell the company’s car audio product to large retailers, quickly growing the business from $1M to $5M. From there, he went to NuVo Technologies, a consumer electronics manufacturer that specialized in whole home audio systems. (Music—particularly music at home—has always been a big part of David’s life.) David increased global sales from $2M to $20M in five years, and then he and his partners successfully sold NuVo.

Within the consumer electronics industry, David is recognized as both an effective volunteer and champion of the industry. In 2008 he earned the coveted Consumer Electronics Association’s TechHome Leadership Award. He is on the Board of Industry Leaders for the Consumer Electronics Association, and serves as a Trustee for the CEA Foundation.


Down to Earth Approach

Leadership Award 1With ChangingVelocity, David has built upon his experience of working to secure NuVo’s successful acquisition. He’s layered his own learnings into the process he now uses to help CEOs strategize growth and their own endgame. David is both a Certified Strategic Planner and a business growth advisor. While others merely facilitate the discussion about plans for growth, David digs down under the surface, working alongside the leadership team to understand all elements of their business. And then he advises them on specific things they need to do to move forward and reach their goals.

Born and raised in the United States, David is first generation Hispanic with a strong curiosity and appreciation for diverse cultures and thinking. If his experience sets him apart, it’s his approach that endears him to companies. Instead of showing up with a leather briefcase and a one-size-fits-all strategic process, he carries a backpack and sits down at the table with companies to really dig in. In college, it was the study of life science, of biology and plant life, that captured David’s imagination. These days, he’s focused on the science of people. He knows his way around a spreadsheet, and he knows how to get it all clearly on paper. But more than anything, he knows people. He’s in it for the people.

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