Man, making the best sound that we can…


CEA Audio Board meets in Nashville TN with a focus on High Resolution Audio. Guest appearance by Marti Frederiksen, songwriter and producer for discussion on value of high quality files for the artist and the producers. “Man, we want to make it the best sound that we can while capturing the charm and personality…”
Marti Frederiksen Songwriter and Producer

Peter Brady – Ibiquity, Robert Heiblim-BlueSalve, alongside Marti Federiksen, Songwriter and Producer
Music City Nashville TN

The meetings were buzzed with passion and focus on delivering a better than CD quality music in digital downloads to consumers. Like High Def video? Here comes the audio experience too! You hear and experience more… as the artist intended.
HRA Audio Board Union Station Nashville
CEA Audio Board Chair, Walt Zerbe-Legrand, Martin Freeman-Samsung, David Rodarte-ChangingVelocity, Ken Lowe -Vizio, Mark Levine-CEA at Union Station Nashville

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