ChangingVelocity brings together Jam Industries and Davitt and Hanser


In what is being heralded as an industry game changer for the musical instrument world, Hanser Music Group and Jam Industries jointly announced, on October 5, 2014, a landmark deal: Hanser Music Group has confirmed the sale of its distribution business, Davitt & Hanser to Jam Industries.




Assisting in the transaction was ChangingVelocity’s David Rodarte. David served as a finder for Jam Industries and bridged a relationship with Davitt and Hanser Distribution. Hanser Music Group, owners of Davitt and Hanser, based in Hebron, Kentucky, wished to divest its distribution business to strategically focus efforts on the key musical instrumentation brands of B.C. Rich, Michael Kelly Guitars, Kustom, Powerwerks and Dawn brand.

Jam Industries, based in Montreal, Canada, is a family of companies that include U.S. based American Music & Sound, Ashly Audio, and U.S. Music Corp.


Martin Szpiro, Jam Industries CEO
Martin Szpiro, Jam Industries CEO

Jam CEO, Martin Szpiro, sums up the news,

“This deal further solidifies our position as “go to” partners for musical instruments and accessories.”
“I’ve known David for over a decade in two different areas of the CE industry. I shared with him our desire to expand our business through synergistic opportunities. I knew I could trust him to engage with the Hanser’s and bring forward a mutually beneficial transaction”
Jack, Gary & Tim Hanser - Hanser Music Group
Jack, Gary & Tim Hanser – Hanser Music Group

Gary Hanser, President and CEO of Hanser Music Group says,

“The day to day operations of a business are hard enough, so having someone with David’s professionalism guiding us through this M&A transaction really helps. I am looking forward to using David again if the opportunity arises.”

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