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David with Howard Gladstone

         ChangingVelocity is concluding the primary phase of planning with Torus Power located in Toronto, Canada.  Our assignment is to increase sales and market share in the Consumer Electronic Power Conditioning marketplace.  While Torus Power is part of a robust and respected 30 year enterprise, Plitron an OEM manufacturer of Toroidal Power transformers and their experience in brand building and global sales direct to the Consumer Electronics market has been limited.   “I engaged David to advise us on ways to accelerate our growth at Torus Power.  His first advice was for us to clearly define our target markets and refine our sales strategies.” says CEO and Owner Howard Gladstone.

 Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 2.26.41 PM         Using a customized Strategy in Motion process for Torus Power, we gathered market intelligence, assessed internal strength and weakness, brainstormed opportunities, and develop a highly focused go-to-market plan with clear brand positioning.  Howard Gladstone says, “Through a team inclusive approach he led us through a strategic planning process that generated a short and long term plan for growth.  …his keen business sense has brought high value to me and my company.  I feel he is an intimate part of our team.”

A critical factor to success for the Torus Team was the need for an experienced Sales and Marketing Vice President to lead the implementation of the company’s aspirations and focused plan.  Torus Power networked through ChangingVelocity and KMB Marketing’s Katye Bennett in search of the key individual.  Kevin Main, an experienced and proven sales executive in the Custom Electronics Industry accepted the position of leadership effective July 1, 2014.  Kevin had a previous relationship with David Rodarte through his sales leadership representation of NuVo in the Canadian market with Jam Industries.

Torus Power RM Series

Torus Power is Engineered to Perform and Protect like No Other.  Their uncompromising devotion to performance puts them scientifically at the top end of protection while also providing the added benefit of additional power,  upon demand, of high performance Audio and Video products.  Engineered and manufactured in Toronto, Canada, their products are globally unique in application with high amperage installations of Home Theater and Audio.


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